Creating with purpose

The purpose of this book series is to assist in childhood development by providing positive reinforcement.

The power of seeing someone who looks like you beating all odds, being successful, and accomplishing the unthinkable, shouldn’t be overlooked! Whether it’s the color of your skin, your gender, or even a disability, seeing someone that looks like you on a higher platform can transform your entire life!

Our target age group is the pivotal age range where children are most impressionable. It is important to help mold ideas, morals, and positivity through different avenues for our youth.

We the authors are using powerful illustrations to show positive representation. We intend to use this platform to enlighten the future generations. We hope to spark growth and create a shift in the narrative that our options are limitless for success!

We hope to inspire other creative thinkers and innovators to help us in changing the narrative for our youth! Assist us in doing what may not have been done for us in our adolescence. #Pushing the culture!