Meet the authors

Aaliyyah Abdur-Rahman

Aaliyyah Batul Abdur-Rahman is a true Atlanta native, born on July 16th, 1988. She has been an avid writer since the age of 12. She grew up in Decatur, Ga as the youngest girl of four older brothers and one older sister. In a male dominated household, it was imperative that Abdur-Rahman was heard, so she began writing fictitious short stories based around her home life, school life, and what she observed in the world. Her mother and father noticed her love for literature early on in elementary school, and pushed her to tell meaningful stories that would impact others. As she blossomed into a teenager, she discovered her voice, and expressed it through dance and writing. At the age of 16, she published an anthology of poetry, alongside 3 other girls at a program called ArtsCool. After high school she was accepted into Spelman College where she acquired her bachelor of arts degree in English Literature with a minor in film and cultural studies. She currently resides in New York City with her two beautiful daughters, teaching 3rd grade in East Harlem.

Laura Humphries

Laura Humpries was born January 3rd, 1989 in Queens, New York. When she was two years old she moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her mother, father, and sister. As she grew into a young woman, Humphries mother says she was easily motivated and eager to succeed in life. She received her bachelor of arts degree in Economics, with a minor in Psychology from West Georgia University. Shortly after, she began working for Delta airlines as a flight attendant, and thoroughly enjoyed her global experiences. However, beginning in 2018, Humphries decided to embark on a new journey of becoming a Black female pilot. She saw the lack of opportunity for women of color, and became committed to eradicating gender and racial biases within the field of piloting. YOU LOOK LIKE ME is Humphries story, and all she hopes is for little girls all over the world to know they can be successful in any career field. no matter their gender or skin color.

Chelsea Cunningham-Briggs

Chelsea Cunningham, mother, banker, student and youth leader, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the baby of her family. At a very young age, it was realized that she had a gift for writing poetry. Chelsea, has been in the banking field for over 5 years. While perusing her degree in business and professional leadership, working full time, being a active youth leader in her community, and raising her two daughters Chelsea still devoted any extra time into her passion for writing and with that being able to publish her first book “THE FLYING PRINCE.” Chelsea and her children reside in the state of Florida. Her determination and strive comes from her strong faith. She always says that she wants her children and the people around her to see that you can be and do anything that you want to when you are deteremined and focused and here she is living out her saying.